Big Moves by Matthew!

Matthew has been hard at work developing his artist imagery and content over the last few months! After a lot of persistence and hard work, he has some amazing news to share with you all. Matthew John recently signed a contract with Canadian American Recordsan established publishing company interested in Matthew’s latest release: “Reach For The Stars”. His song will be sent out to over 8,500 independent worldwide radio stations reaching 1,000’s of potential listeners. This wave of attention will hopefully propel Matthew to greater heights. Along with this amazing opportunity, Matthew will also be part of the Canadian American Worldwide Radio CD, along with other inspiring artists across various different genres. He is looking forward to the future, and this is only the beginning of the tremendous journey in music.

This post also marks the release of a new section on the website. Matthew John’s official EPK (Electronic Press Kit) will be available via the menu bar at the top of the screen. Any artists / venues that would like to learn more about Matthew should definitely check out the kit HERE.

Thanks, and stay tuned for future updates and endeavors soon!

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